Narrowboat Handling Taster Day

Learn To Be A Skipper

Our Narrowboat Taster Day has been designed for up to two (2) persons who would like some training on a Narrowboat or Canal boat but who are not yet at the stage of having enough hands on experience or confidence to take the RYA Helmsman qualification. You may be thinking of a narrowboat holiday and looking to hire a narrowboat for the week but lacking confidence, we can be there with you on your first day to train and give you confidence. You may have just purchased your own narrowboat or part of a shared ownership scheme but have no idea what it is like to be ‘skipper’ of your newly acquired boat, the JP Boat Training Services Narrowboat Handling Taster Day will put your mind at ease, and give you a taste of the skills you are likely to need, making your future Narrowboating decisions a breeze.

Therefore, if you have no experience of handling a narrowboat/canal boat and would like to learn, this is certainly the ideal choice for you. We will teach you the basics, from tiller (steering) work, lock management, mooring, winding the boat (turning round), ropes etc.

Narrowboat Taster Day

A Narrowboat Taster Day

The day will commence with a safety briefing, going through equipment used (windlass, mooring pins etc), ropes and basic knots. Now the journey begins -leaving the mooring, rules of the canal, steering, taking the boat through bridges, into locks and lock management. Winding (turning the boat round) and mooring for a short lunch break.

Our return journey will be the same and you will probably be confident enough now to be steering the boat and taking it into the locks. At the same time you will be enjoying all the beauty of the countryside and wildlife that our lovely Canals have to offer.

At the end of the day (Up to 9 hours) you will have gained knowledge and training to RYA standards and gained confidence in steering, mooring, winding, taking the boat through locks and lock management. You will also receive our Taster Day Certificate.

Our Taster Days run most days of the week, check out our availability on the calendar, email us or give us a call. Alternatively fill in your details on the appropriate form and we will contact you.

Should you want the taster training day on your own boat, Jim will travel to where your boat is moored.