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JP Boat Training Services

Our Helmsman Courses and Approved RYA Training Centre evolved from our company Narrowboat Experience Days company. JP Boat Training Services was started following Pat’s retirement on medical grounds 12 years ago, shortly after Jim was made redundant following a long career.

Having ‘shared’ our boat with friends and family, all wanting to take the tiller or learn the locks on days out with us, We thought maybe we could turn it into a business, a day out on the canal, learning the basics of narrowboating or simply sitting back and enjoying what our canals have to offer, wonderful wildlife, tranquility and moving along at a snail’s pace, not forgetting the canalside pub lunch!

JP Boat Training Services was launched and became an instant success,
even BBC Look North heard about us and came out to film!
JP Boat Trainging Services About Us

Jim & Pat

Jim and Pat were already qualified Helmsman and Jim felt he wanted to take the business a step further, to become recognised by the RYA. Jim qualified as a Helmsman Instructor, followed by their home base being approved as an RYA Training Centre, enabling Jim, Chief Principle and Instructor to deliver Helmsman and ICC Courses.

Pat is Jim's "right hand woman" and runs the office and administration side of the business, together they enjoy an excellent business partnership.

The Training Centre operates from the 60ft Narrowboat with Cruiser style deck which is moored on The Chesterfield Canal at the end of their garden by a linear jetty. The Training Centre has all facilities on board and off board for all students.

The Chesterfield Canal is an ideal canal for training, with wide locks, 174ft tunnel, bridges, winding holes and a marina, it is an ideal training facility, enabling students to have plenty of training throughout their course.

You will receive a friendly welcome
with a professional approach from Jim and Pat,
putting you at ease in readiness for your training.