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JP Boat Training Services is an RYA recognised Training Centre offering Narrowboat training and canal boat handling training courses throughout the canal network.

Welcome to JP Boat Training Services, we hope you find our Narrowboat Training website interesting and informative.

We would like to introduce ourselves, we are Jim and Pat Hodges, happily married with a keen interest in narrowboating on the Inland Waterways. We use a 60ft cruiser stern narrowboat for boat handling training and Helmsman Courses on The Chesterfield Canal. Training can also be done on your boat too, so, if you own a boat, then we can come to you to train.

Jim is a qualified Helmsman Instructor and our business has been tailored to suit your needs, whatever your requirements. You may be thinking of buying a narrowboat or GRP cruiser, or even having a narrowboat holiday, whatever your needs, we can tailor the package to suit you. You can become a qualified Helmsman, which is an RYA European recognised qualification or simply start with basic training and then qualify for your Helmsman Certificate. Below you can choose what is most suitable for you.

Narrowboat Training
  • If you are thinking of buying a narrowboat or GRP cruiser and have no or little experience of boating, the Helmsman Course is ideal, the certificate proves you have been assessed as a competent and safe boater.

  • Maybe you already own a Narrowboat or canal boat and want to 'rubber stamp' the experience already gained boating and become a qualified Helmsman, proving that you are a competent and safe boater.

  • You may not be any of the above, just simply someone who has a keen interest in canal boating, whichever, our ‘Taster Day’ is what you could be looking for. This is designed to suit all boating enthusiasts, whether a narrowboat or GRP – we train on all types of canal boats. Following your ‘Taster Day’ you may feel more confident to take it a stage further and qualify for your Helmsman Certificate.

We hope you will find our website has something to suit what you are looking for.

For costs for any of our courses please contact us on 07771 795397 / 01427 892881 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.